Dallas City Council Questions Progress of “Vision Zero” Initiative

Concerns about the progress of Dallas “Vision Zero” initiative were highlighted in a recent city council committee meeting, following an NBC 5 investigation into the slow advancement on measures to reduce traffic fatalities.

During a recent city council committee meeting, concerns about the advancements made towards Dallas‘ “Vision Zeroroad safety initiative emerged following revelations indicating insufficient progress on critical measures aimed at reducing traffic fatalities and accidents. Investigation uncovered internal reports revealing only a handful of actions completed out of numerous planned initiatives, with most remaining either in progress or yet to begin.

City Transportation Director Gus Khankarli addressed these queries during the session, declining to disclose specific completion figures before the full council convenes again on March 6th. This decision sparked frustration amongst councilmembers who voiced their disappointment regarding the lack of transparency and tangible updates.

Despite the apparent setbacks, Khankarli maintained that the Department of Transportation continues working diligently on the Vision Zero plan through traffic studies and street design modifications. He emphasized that although the city isn’t fully content with current outcomes, they are moving forward under resource limitations.

Suggestions of increased funding for Vision Zero projects surfaced when Khankarli mentioned potential contributions from individual council members’ discretionary funds, which total approximately $5 million per member within a 2024 bond package. For instance, Councilmember Paula Blackmon announced plans to allocate $2.5 million specifically for Vision Zero-related improvements.

The city’s commitment to Vision Zero dates back to 2019; however, despite efforts, Dallas remains outside the ranks of recognized Vision Zero Network members. According to the network’s founder, Investigates, the city’s plan lacked sufficient focus on lowering excessive vehicle speeds, contributing to more serious crash consequences.

Khankarli assured the council that the city intends to correct any discrepancies in the Vision Zero plan to align with the program’s objectives and standards

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