Dallas City Council Passes New Ordinance Regulating Donation Boxes

Dallas City Council approves a new ordinance to regulate unattended donation boxes, imposing annual fees, quantity limits, and contact requirements to prevent illegal dumping and maintain cleanliness in the city.

Dallas City Council has unanimously approved a crucial ordinance to regulate unattended donation boxes, aiming to address issues surrounding illegal dumping and cleanliness. Councilman Chad West proposed the ordinance as a solution to the prevalent problem these boxes attract.

The newly passed regulation mandates an annual fee of $248 for operators of donation boxes, limits on the quantity of boxes allowed per lot, and necessitates a clearly displayed label containing a 24-hour contact number for the box’s owner. This initiative aims to prevent these collection points from becoming a hub for improper waste disposal.

Operators of these donation boxes have a 90-day grace period to adhere to the new regulations before they come into effect, as Dallas City Council strives to ensure a cleaner environment and mitigate illegal dumping, making it easier for citizens to contribute positively to their community.


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