Dallas City Council Considers $1.25 Billion Bond Program for Infrastructure Projects

The Dallas City Council may support a $1.25 billion bond program, exceeding the initial $1.1 billion proposal, for crucial infrastructure upgrades.

The Dallas City Council is contemplating a significant increase in the proposed bond program, potentially reaching $1.25 billion, up from the initially planned $1.1 billion. In a special meeting scheduled for Friday, council members could express their support through non-binding straw votes, outlining their preferences on the total bond and allocation of funds. This initiative aims to finance essential upgrades to roads, parks, and various infrastructure projects.

Assistant city manager Robert Perez suggested in a memo that part of a separate $400 million allocated for pensions could contribute to the increased bond program. The proposed $1.25 billion bond, if favored by the council, would include $150 million from the pension funds.

The meeting follows the previous month’s session where the council failed to reach a consensus, including the timing of placing the bond program on the ballot. The earliest potential voting date is May, requiring council approval by February 14. Some members propose a delay to November for more comprehensive deliberation.

Two recommendations are being considered for fund allocation, with city staff proposing $500 million for streets, $250 million for parks, and $65 million for housing. The community bond task force recommends $375 million for streets, $350 million for parks, and $25 million for housing. Housing advocates emphasize the need for substantial investment, calling for up to $200 million dedicated to housing alone. If approved by voters, the bond program will span five years to implement the proposed projects.

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