Dallas City Council Approves Interim City Manager

Kimberly Tolbert has been appointed as the interim city manager of Dallas, stepping into the role to address key city matters including a billion-dollar bond election.

The Dallas City Council has recently approved Kimberly Tolbert as the new interim city manager, following the departure of T.C. Broadnax. Tolbert, who has been with the city for over 30 years, will assume the role on June 3. This decision comes amidst crucial city matters, including a billion-dollar bond election and various priorities within the city’s substantial $4.6 billion budget.

City Councilwoman Carolyn King Arnold emphasized the community’s basic needs for functioning services, highlighting the importance of water supply, law enforcement, firefighting services, animal control, and homeless care. However, not all council members were in favor of the appointment; Council members Cara Mendelsohn and Paul Ridley expressed concerns about the rushed nature of the selection process. Mayor Eric Johnson also raised objections for similar reasons, despite being absent from the meeting where the decision was made.

Kimberly Tolbert will receive a salary of $367,683 during her tenure as the interim city manager. Her appointment marks a significant transition period for Dallas as it navigates through critical municipal affairs.

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