Dallas’ 97.1-FM Switches Back to Rock Format

After an 18-month stint as The Freak, Dallas’ 97.1-FM radio station will revert to its original rock format, The Eagle, discontinuing its wide-ranging talk shows.

Dallas‘ iconic radio station, 97.1-FM, famously known as “The Freak,” has announced a major format change, reverting to its rock roots to become “The Eagle” once again. This decision marks the end of a controversial 18-month experiment with a wide-ranging talk format that ultimately did not resonate as expected with the station’s core audience.

Initially, the shift to a talk format was seen as a bold move aimed at diversifying the station’s offerings and tapping into a broader listener base. However, feedback from the station’s loyal listeners indicated a strong preference for the classic rock that had originally defined The Eagle’s brand. This listener feedback was instrumental in the decision to revert to a rock format, underscoring the importance of audience engagement in the radio industry.

The return to rock is not just a return to familiar territory; it’s a strategic realignment with the station’s historical strengths. The move is expected to regain listener support and stabilize the station’s ratings, which had fluctuated during the talk radio experiment. Management at 97.1-FM has expressed confidence that this return to rock will not only bring back former listeners but also attract new audiences who crave classic and contemporary rock hits.

The rebranding to The Eagle includes a lineup of veteran rock DJs and a series of promotional events aimed at re-engaging the community. As 97.1-FM embarks on this nostalgic yet fresh chapter, the Dallas rock scene watches with anticipation, hopeful that The Eagle will once again soar high in the ratings and retain its place as a beloved staple of local radio.

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