Crakk: Jeetagaa Toh Jiyegaa | Movie Review

Star Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Amy Jackson, Arjun Rampal and Nora Fatehi
Director: Aditya Datt
Rating: ⭐⭐(2/5)


“Crakk” follows Siddhu (Vidyut Jammwal), an aspiring stuntman from Mumbai, who embarks on a journey to MAIDAAN, a mysterious location in Europe known for its deadly challenges. As Siddhu delves deeper into this perilous world, he uncovers shocking truths about the death of his brother Nihaal, leading to a showdown with the enigmatic Dev (Arjun Rampal).

Script Analysis:
The script of “Crakk” descends into chaos, with nonsensical plot points and absurd character motivations. Siddhu’s reckless abandonment of his family and blind pursuit of his dream lacks believability, while Dev’s villainous machinations border on caricature. The film’s premise, reminiscent of “Squid Game” and “Khatron Ke Khiladi,” fails to evoke any genuine concern for the contestants’ well-being, rendering their deaths mere spectacle. The absence of logical coherence and meaningful dialogue further diminishes the viewing experience, leaving audiences bewildered and disengaged.

Star Performances:
Vidyut Jammwal’s portrayal of Siddhu lacks depth and emotional resonance, compounded by a jarring accent and unconvincing expressions. Arjun Rampal’s depiction of Dev veers into cartoonish villainy, devoid of nuance or subtlety. Amy Jackson struggles to convey her character’s motivations convincingly, while Nora Fatehi’s role adds little value to the narrative. Overall, the performances fail to elevate the film beyond its flawed premise.

Direction and Music:
Director Aditya Datt’s attempts to inject life into the disjointed narrative are commendable but ultimately fall short. The action sequences lack intensity, failing to evoke the adrenaline rush expected in the genre. The film’s numerous twists and turns feel contrived and fail to deliver any genuine surprises. The music, composed by Mithoon, MC Square, Tanishk Bagchi, and Vikram Montrose, fails to leave a lasting impression, adding little to the overall cinematic experience.

Final Verdict:
“Crakk” is a cinematic misfire that fails to justify its existence, leaving audiences with more questions than answers. The lack of coherence, unconvincing performances, and disjointed direction result in a forgettable viewing experience. Despite its ambitious premise, the film ultimately fails to deliver on its potential, leaving viewers with a sense of disappointment and confusion.

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