COVID-19 Cases Surge in Texas Amid Rising Temperatures

The summer wave of COVID-19 is here, as many states, including Texas, see an uptick in cases. The CDC estimates that COVID-19 infections are growing or likely growing in 44 U.S. states and territories. Only one state or territory shows a decline, and five are stable or uncertain, indicating an anticipated summer wave is underway.

The latest data from the CDC shows a rise in COVID-19 activity across the country, with Texas‘ status marked as “growing.” Although the CDC no longer tracks COVID-19 cases, it estimates transmission based on emergency department visits. Both COVID-19 deaths and emergency department visits have increased over the last week. Hospitalizations also climbed 25% from May 26 to June 1.

Dr. Ricky Williams, an ER Physician at Medical City, reports that more patients are seeking treatment for the virus, especially at urgent care clinics. “We’re experiencing a little bit of an uptick in our numbers, so somewhere between an uptick and a surge,” said Williams. He attributes this to close contact, travel, vacation time, and kids being home from school, all contributing to the uptick.

Earlier this year, the State Department of Health removed COVID-19 as a “reportable” condition, meaning practitioners are no longer required to report positive cases. However, COVID-19 trackers still exist, and data is available.

Steven Love, President and CEO of DFW Hospital Council, confirms that conversations with physicians support the data. Despite the rise in cases, medical professionals are not raising alarms since hospitalizations and mortality rates remain low. Love acknowledges that people are weary of the COVID-19 discussion but emphasizes the importance of vigilance. “All we’re saying is, be vigilant during the holiday so we can keep the number of cases down,” he advised.

As the summer continues, it is crucial to stay informed and take necessary precautions to manage the spread of COVID-19 in Texas.

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