Corinth Mother Awaits Judge’s Decision After CPS Removes Son In Dallas

A Corinth mother awaits a crucial decision as a Denton County judge considers her plea to regain custody of her 2-year-old son, taken by Child Protective Services amid a medical disagreement. With support from a state representative, she fights to reunite with her child.


A North Texas mother’s ordeal began innocently with a visit to Children’s Health Medical Center in Dallas but has since escalated into a harrowing battle with Child Protective Services (CPS), leaving her separated from her son for over 60 days.

Joslyn Sanders, overcoming a spinal cord injury, found herself confronting CPS alongside her father in a Denton County courtroom Wednesday morning, fighting to regain custody of her beloved two-year-old son, Josiah.

During a press conference, Sanders emotionally recounted her anguish, emphasizing the heartbreak of being forcibly separated from her son without just cause.

The ordeal began with a routine visit to Children’s Health Medical Center, where Sanders sought medical attention for her son’s contact dermatitis rash. A disagreement with a physician over the use of antibiotics allegedly led to suspicions of medical neglect, resulting in CPS intervention.

Sanders, armed with research and concerns about her son’s well-being, refused medical recommendations, triggering a series of events leading to the removal of her son from her care.

Despite being a top graduate from the University of North Texas, Sanders found herself embroiled in a complex legal battle, challenging CPS’s actions and seeking justice for her family.

Corinth Chief of Police Jerry Garner confirmed the tense exchange between CPS and Sanders, highlighting the emotionally charged nature of the situation.

As the family navigates the legal system, they’ve garnered support from community leaders and social justice groups, including State Representative Carl Sherman and the Next Generation Action Network.

The case underscores broader issues of medical autonomy, racial disparities in healthcare, and the rights of parents in medical decision-making.

Sanders’s appearance in court signifies a pivotal moment in her quest to reunite with her son, with hopes of shedding light on a system that has left her family torn apart.

As the courtroom drama unfolds, the community rallies behind Sanders, advocating for justice and the swift return of Josiah to his mother’s arms.

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