Company Producing 20 Million Straws Daily Leases Warehouse in Dallas

NCO Global, a major straw manufacturer, has leased a 100,000-square-foot warehouse in West Dallas, expanding its operations significantly.

NCO Global, a leading manufacturer of drinking straws, has significantly expanded its operations by leasing a 100,000-square-foot warehouse in West Dallas. The facility, located at 8611 Ambassador Row, will support the company’s impressive production capacity of 20 million straws per day.

This expansion marks a strategic move for NCO Global as it seeks to enhance its production capabilities and meet the growing demand for its products. The newly leased warehouse provides ample space for the company to streamline its manufacturing processes and improve logistical efficiency.

NCO Global, also known as Nelson Companies One LLC, has been at the forefront of the drinking straw industry, producing high-quality straws for various markets. The company’s decision to expand in Dallas stems from the city’s advantageous location, robust infrastructure, and access to a skilled workforce.

The new facility is expected to create numerous job opportunities in the area, contributing to the local economy. Company officials expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, citing it as a significant step forward in their growth strategy.

Dallas offers a vibrant business environment and the resources we need to scale our operations,” said a company spokesperson. “We are excited about the opportunities this new facility will bring and look forward to continuing our growth in this dynamic city.”

As NCO Global settles into its new home, it remains committed to innovation and excellence in the production of drinking straws, ensuring it remains a leader in the industry.

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