Chunky Panday Discusses Daughter Ananya’s Film Choices

Chunky Panday opens up about his conflicting film choice opinions with daughter Ananya Panday, shedding light on family dynamics in Bollywood.

Chunky Panday, a veteran of the Indian film industry, recently opened up about the differing cinematic tastes between him and his daughter, rising star Ananya Panday. In a candid discussion, Panday senior shared that while he has his own preferences for film roles, Ananya’s choices often reflect a new era and style of Bollywood filmmaking, which he sometimes finds challenging to align with.

The conversation revealed a generational shift in the industry, as newer actors like Ananya opt for roles and projects that starkly contrast with the conventional paths taken by their predecessors. Chunky acknowledged Bollywood‘s evolving landscape, where contemporary themes and storytelling techniques are gaining prominence, departing from the traditional formats he was accustomed to during his peak years.

This dynamic within the Panday family offers a glimpse into the broader changes occurring in Bollywood, as the industry continues to adapt and respond to global influences and a more diverse audience base. It also underscores the personal and professional growth that actors like Ananya experience as they carve their own niches in a competitive environment.

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