Chandu Champion Box Office Collection Day 3: Kartik Aaryan Hits Double-Digit Sunday

Kartik Aaryan’s latest release, “Chandu Champion,” shows impressive growth on its third day at the box office. The film, which opened with a collection of 5.40 crores on Friday, more than doubled its earnings, hitting 11.01 crores on Sunday. This significant boost brings the total collection to a commendable 24.11 crores.

Sunday’s performance marks a double-digit achievement, setting a positive tone for the film’s future run. While this leap could have ideally happened on Saturday to establish a stronger momentum, the current trend still holds promise. The partial holiday of Eid today boosts the numbers further, with projections suggesting collections will surpass Friday’s 5.40 crores and at least match Saturday’s 7.70 crores. Any figure exceeding this indicates strong trending and a favorable outlook for the weekdays ahead.

However, Sunday’s figures benefited from the advantage of Monday being a holiday, adding an estimated 1 crore to the total. Therefore, while Monday’s performance is anticipated to be strong, maintaining Saturday-level numbers will be crucial for sustained success.

As “Chandu Champion” aims to cross the 30 crores mark today, the industry and fans alike keenly observe its box office journey. The initial jump sets a promising foundation, and continued growth will be essential for long-term success.

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