Car Plows into Parked SUV in President Biden’s Motorcade: No Harm to President or First Lady

A car collided with a parked SUV guarding President Biden’s motorcade outside his campaign headquarters. Both the president and First Lady Jill Biden were unharmed in the incident, with the driver subdued by Secret Service personnel.

During President Joe Biden‘s departure from his campaign headquarters on Sunday night, a car unexpectedly crashed into a parked SUV, part of the motorcade’s security detail. The incident occurred as the president and First Lady Jill Biden were leaving the premises, fortunately leaving them unharmed.

As the Bidens were walking toward their armored vehicle, a sedan collided with a U.S. Secret Service SUV responsible for securing intersections around the campaign office. The sedan attempted to proceed through a restricted intersection, prompting Secret Service agents to swiftly respond, surrounding the vehicle and instructing the driver to surrender.

President Biden, taken by surprise at the sound of the collision, paused momentarily before being ushered into the vehicle with his wife. Despite the disruption, the president’s schedule remained unaffected by the incident as they were promptly driven back home.


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