Bombay High Court Rejects Petition to Ban Pakistani Artists in India

The Bombay High Court has dismissed a plea for a blanket ban on Pakistani artists working or performing in India, emphasizing that patriotism doesn’t require hostility towards foreigners.

The Bombay High Court has turned down a petition that sought a complete prohibition on Pakistani artists from working or performing in India, asserting that genuine patriotism doesn’t necessitate animosity towards foreign individuals. The court reiterated that the promotion of cultural harmony and peace takes precedence over nationalistic hostility, emphasizing the transcendent nature of arts and culture that extends beyond national boundaries.

The petition, filed by an individual claiming to be associated with the film industry, had urged the court to instruct the Indian government to impose a comprehensive ban on Indian entities collaborating with Pakistani artists, including film workers, singers, musicians, lyricists, and technicians. However, the court rejected the plea, deeming it counterproductive to cultural unity and peace efforts.

The Bombay High Court conveyed that a true patriot welcomes activities that foster peace, harmony, and unity, regardless of their origins. The court acknowledged that activities like arts, music, sports, and culture rise above national and cultural boundaries, contributing to peace, unity, and harmony both within a nation and between nations.

Furthermore, the court cited the participation of the Pakistan cricket team in the cricket World Cup being held in India as an example of positive measures taken to promote peace and harmony. It highlighted the government’s role in fostering international peace and security in line with the Indian Constitution.

The court also ruled that it cannot issue directives for the formulation of laws or policies, emphasizing that patriotism should be rooted in a good-hearted devotion to the country.

This judgment underscores the significance of cultural exchange and collaboration in building bridges and fostering peaceful coexistence among nations.


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