Biden Administration Urgently Appeals to Supreme Court in Border Dispute with Texas Following Tragic Migrant Drownings

The Biden administration seeks Supreme Court intervention in the border clash with Texas after the tragic drowning deaths of three migrants.

The Biden administration is escalating its clash with Texas Governor Greg Abbott over border land, urgently seeking Supreme Court intervention following the tragic drowning deaths of three migrants. The Department of Justice filed a late-night request, urging federal agents’ access to a crucial border area along the Rio Grande, currently occupied by the Texas National Guard and Military Department.

The drowning incident involved a young Mexican mother and her two children attempting to enter the U.S. through the river near Shelby Park at Eagle Pass, Texas. Abbott’s aggressive measures, including fencing off Shelby Park, have heightened tensions, with the state denying entry to federal agents and the public.

The Justice Department’s filing emphasizes the urgency, detailing the deaths occurring before federal agents were allowed access, even in emergency situations. The dispute revolves around the razor wire fencing installed by Texas, with the federal government urging the Supreme Court to intervene and lift the injunction preventing Border Patrol agents from managing emergency situations effectively.

As the Biden administration strives for intervention, Texas Governor Abbott asserts his commitment to using “every tool possible to stop illegal immigration,” intensifying the ongoing battle over border control.

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