AT&T Reset Passcode for Millions of Customers After Data Breach

AT&T responded to a data breach by resetting the passcodes of 7.6 million customers. The leaked data, from 2019 or earlier, included personal information but not financial details or call records.

AT&T, a major telecommunications company, recently took action to safeguard its customers’ data by resetting the passcodes of 7.6 million individuals following a security breach. The breach, which involved compromised customer data being circulated on the dark web, prompted AT&T to collaborate with cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident. Fortunately, the company confirmed that the leaked information, dating back to 2019 or earlier, did not include sensitive financial details or call records. However, the exposed data varied per customer and account, potentially encompassing personal details such as full names, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and more.

In response to the breach, AT&T also extended its support to 65.4 million former account holders who were impacted by the incident. The company pledged to reach out to affected individuals separately, offering complimentary identity theft protection and credit monitoring services. Moreover, AT&T promptly reset the passcodes for the affected customers and provided guidance on how to update them securely. This breach marks a significant event for AT&T, as it acknowledges the theft of customer data after a hacker previously claimed access to 73 million records. Despite uncertainties regarding the data’s origin, AT&T assured that there was no evidence of unauthorized access to its systems leading to the data breach.

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