Art Institute of Dallas announces closure of all campuses across the United States

The Art Institutes abruptly announced the closure of all campuses across the United States, including one in North Texas.

The private chain of post-secondary colleges has eight areas cross country. The Art Institute of Dallas, near Park Lane and the Central Expressway is one of those locations.

All grounds are set to close forever on Saturday.

In an email to students in Atlanta, school authorities expressed that a progression of occasions throughout recent years, both outer and inward to the ground’s tasks, has constrained the conclusion of the frameworks of universities.

A few students at The Arts Institute of Tampa told media the school’s enlistment never appeared to return from the pandemic.

The Art Institutes’ parent company, Education Management Corporation, has also previously faced lawsuits from the Department of Justice and from students who have alleged they gave improper loans. EMC denied those allegations.

EMC’s site is presently down, and The Art Institute’s site is an introductory presentation page giving students direction on what to do straight away.

The school is giving guidelines to students to move scholastic records to different foundations.

It said academic and financial aid staff will be available to help students through the end of 2023.

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