American Airlines Pilots Union Reports Surge in Safety and Maintenance Issues

The pilots union at American Airlines has raised concerns over a notable increase in safety and maintenance issues, including reduced aircraft inspections and abbreviated test flights.

The pilots union at American Airlines has sounded the alarm over what it calls “a significant spike” in safety issues within the airline, citing concerns such as fewer routine aircraft inspections and shorter test flights following major maintenance work.

Among the reported incidents are instances of tools being left in wheel wells and items left in sterile areas around planes parked at airport gates.

While union officials have brought these concerns to the attention of senior management at the airline, American Airlines has yet to provide immediate comment on the matter.

According to an email sent to members by the safety committee of the Allied Pilots Association, there has been a noticeable increase in safety- and maintenance-related problems in the airline’s operation.

The union highlighted changes in American‘s procedures, including extended time between routine inspections on planes and the discontinuation of overnight maintenance checks unless prompted by specific issues or scheduled maintenance. Additionally, abbreviated test flights are now conducted on planes returning to service after major maintenance checks or long-term storage.

In response, the union has urged its members to report any safety or maintenance concerns, emphasizing the importance of identifying and addressing potential issues to prevent accidents.

Dennis Tajer, a pilot and spokesman for the union, expressed the union’s desire for earlier involvement in assessing safety risks. He stated that while initial discussions with senior management were encouraging, the union remains committed to ensuring that American Airlines maintains robust safety standards.

As the situation unfolds, stakeholders and passengers alike await further developments regarding the airline‘s efforts to address these safety and maintenance challenges.


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