Akshay Kumar’s Son Aarav Parties with Nysa Devgan in London

Get the latest scoop on Akshay Kumar’s son, Aarav, spotted partying with Nysa Devgan in London.

In a glamorous outing that has caught the eye of Bollywood enthusiasts, Akshay Kumar’s son, Aarav Kumar, was seen enjoying the vibrant nightlife of London alongside Nysa Devgan, daughter of Kajol and Ajay Devgn. The young celebrities were captured in a candid photo shared by Orry, adding fuel to the buzz around star kids and their high-profile gatherings.

This event marks a rare public appearance for both Aarav and Nysa, who have maintained a relatively low profile despite their strong Bollywood lineage. London, known for its exclusive celebrity hotspots, provided the perfect backdrop for this rendezvous. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the duo in high spirits, mingling with friends and enjoying the city’s eclectic vibes.

The gathering not only highlights the personal lives of these upcoming stars but also reflects the interconnected nature of Bollywood’s elite. Events like these often spark speculations about future collaborations or projects within the industry, though no official statements have been made by either party. As the children of Bollywood’s A-list actors, Aarav and Nysa are frequently under the media’s lens, and their recent outing in London has certainly given fans and paparazzi plenty to talk about.

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