$55K Reward Offered in North Texas Soldier’s Murder Case

The family of Private First Class Katia Duenas-Aguilar, a soldier raised in North Texas, has offered a $55,000 reward for information regarding her tragic death. Duenas-Aguilar was found murdered in Tennessee, near the Fort Campbell army base where she was stationed.

“We want to believe it’s a nightmare, that we’ll wake up and she’ll still be there,” expressed Cecilia Ruiz-Aguilar, Katia’s sister. “We’re not okay right now.”

Duenas-Aguilar’s family revealed that earlier this month, she expressed intentions to retire from the military and return to Texas. However, her plans abruptly changed after a meeting with a counselor at the base.

While the family didn’t disclose specifics regarding her discontent and potential connection to the case, Clarksville police confirmed that the 23-year-old’s body was discovered inside a home last Saturday night, ruling her death a homicide without divulging further details.

In a press conference, Aguilar’s mother, sister, and representatives from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) appealed to the public for information. They announced the substantial $55,000 reward, emphasizing the importance of justice for Duenas-Aguilar.

“This is a human being. This is a Latina. This is a young lady that signed on the dotted line to serve our country,” stated Analuisa Carrillo-Tapia of LULAC’s National Military and Veterans Committee.

Duenas-Aguilar’s mother, Carmen Aguilar, emotionally expressed concerns about potential military involvement in her daughter’s death, highlighting internal issues. Carmen Aguilar implored, “She’s not the first one. The problem is inside. It’s inside. Not outside. Everything is inside. They know and you know too.”

Duenas-Aguilar, a graduate of North Mesquite High School, leaves behind a 4-year-old son. The investigation remains active with assistance from military law enforcement, but updates on suspects or questioning remain undisclosed.

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