3-Year-Old Girl in Critical Condition After Fort Worth Apartment Drive-By Shooting

A 3-year-old girl remains in critical condition after a drive-by shooting at Miramar Apartments in Fort Worth left six young people injured. Police are intensively searching for suspects in the violent incident.

A senseless act of violence has left a 3-year-old girl fighting for her life after she was shot in a drive-by shooting at the Miramar Apartments in West Fort Worth on Wednesday night.

According to Fort Worth Police Officer Brad Perez, the toddler is in critical condition, with five other young people aged between 3 and 19 also hospitalized due to injuries sustained from flying bullets during the drive-by.

Officer Perez revealed that the gunfire originated from a red vehicle traveling southbound on Las Vegas Trail. Despite an intense search for suspects, police have yet to make any arrests, leaving open the possibility that there may be more than one shooter involved.

While investigators believe the shooting was not random and likely in response to something, they refrain from speculating on its exact motive, whether it be drug or gang-related.

Expressing his outrage, Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes condemned the violence, particularly its impact on innocent children. “I am mad. I am pissed off. There’s absolutely no reason anybody should be conducting themselves in such a violent, careless, heartless way that children should be shot,” Chief Noakes stated during a news conference.

Officer Perez echoed Chief Noakes’s sentiments, emphasizing the brazenness of the crime and the vulnerability of the victims, particularly the young age of the 3-year-old girl.

As investigations continue, both police presence and armed security guards have been deployed to the property, with authorities actively following leads and gathering information from witnesses in hopes of bringing the perpetrators to justice.


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