3 Shark Attacks in Texas and Florida on the Fourth of July

Sharks bit three people in separate attacks at Texas and Florida beaches on the Fourth of July, authorities reported. A 21-year-old Ohio man, while playing football in knee-deep water at Florida’s New Smyrna Beach, suffered a bite on his foot and went to the hospital.

In Texas, a shark encountered four people off South Padre Island. Two suffered bites, and another got injured while helping. The bite victims went to Valley Regional Medical Center, with one needing further treatment.

Shark encounters like these are rare in Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Warden Captain Chris Dowdy mentioned that at least four shark-related incidents happened at South Padre Island, likely involving the same shark.

South Padre Island officials patrol the shoreline and use drones to monitor the waters. A Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter deterred the shark from approaching the shore.

According to the International Shark Attack File, Texas has had fewer than 10 reported shark bites since 2012, compared to Florida’s 259.

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