18-Year-Old Arrested for Dallas ISD Student Shooting Near School Campus

An 18-year-old suspect, formerly 19, was apprehended after a 16-year-old Dallas ISD student was shot near their school campus at Cole Park in Dallas.

16-year-old Dallas ISD student was shot near Cole Park in Uptown Dallas, merely yards from their school. Edgar Dominguez, 18 at the time of the shooting, now 19, was apprehended after nine days on the run.

The victim was targeted near the school’s tennis courts shortly before school dismissal, leading to heightened fear and anxiety among witnesses.

Witnesses reported Dominguez confronting the victim and firing a shot at his left foot following a confrontation with his ex-girlfriend. The alarming incident occurred around 3:50 pm, prompting concerns about safety and vigilance in the community.

The arrest came following extensive investigation, leveraging technology like Flock cameras to trace Dominguez’s escape. While the district confirmed Dominguez was not a Dallas ISD student, concerns persist within the community about safety near the school premises, especially given a previous shooting incident earlier in the year.

The disturbing event has left parents and students unnerved, emphasizing the pressing need for heightened awareness and safety measures in and around school environments.

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