13 Arrested at Pro-Palestine Rally During Joe Biden’s Dallas Arrival

Tension rises as 13 individuals are detained during a pro-Palestine demonstration at Love Field Airport coinciding with President Joe Biden’s visit to honor the late Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas.

A pro-Palestine rally at Love Field Airport in Dallas turned tumultuous Monday evening as 13 demonstrators were arrested amid President Joe Biden‘s scheduled arrival to honor the legacy of former Dallas congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson.

The rally, organized by various groups including the Palestinian Youth Movement, aimed to voice dissent against Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. As Biden’s arrival neared, protestors attempted to block a major entrance at the airport, resulting in several arrests.

Nashwa Abdelwahed, a spokeswoman for the Palestinian Youth Movement, commended the arrested individuals, stating, “We’re proud of those who stood up for the Palestinian cause, challenging Biden’s support for Israel amidst ongoing war crimes.”

Biden, set to partake in events commemorating Eddie Bernice Johnson, has faced criticism for endorsing Israel’s military actions post the October 7 Hamas attack, albeit condemning their “indiscriminate bombing” of the Gaza Strip last month. Nationwide protests have urged a ceasefire.

Dallas police spokesman Michael Dennis confirmed the arrests, citing warnings given to protestors blocking the Mockingbird Lane and Herb Kelleher Way intersection. The detained individuals face obstruction charges for refusing to clear the passageway.

As tensions lingered, some demonstrators remained at the airport while others congregated at the Lew Sterrett Justice Center to support the arrested, Abdelwahed affirmed.


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