Keh Dena by Hamza Jameel -kamijee

Keh Dena by Hamza Jameel, part of North American Tour Team (NATT). Concert held on Nov 4th, 2011.

Rockistan Entertainment and Audeo Concepts Presentation

Event edited by Faadi
Producer: kamijee
Executive Producer: Nafees Usmani

Junoon and Vital Signs are both legends of Pakistani music and achieved international fame in the 1990's. At a time when many of us were still struggling with our multiplication tables, these two giants were changing the face of Rock. The Tribute assembles an explosive mix of local talent to celebrate the 20th anniversary of these incredibly influential musicians. Among the lineup is "first female Pakistani guitarist" Kraze, up and coming rock crooner Shariq Sidz, Canadian music pop music producer Hamza Jameel, The multi-talented Director/Producer/DP/musician Kamijee infamous "Rockistani" DJ Fardeen and opening act Taimoor Khan.
Celebrate the birth of Elektro-Rock, Keep good track of your mind, as it's sure to be blown away.

North American Team are :


Hamza Jameel:

Shariq Sidz:


DJ Fardeen:

For concert inquiries contact :

DJ Fardeen : 269-873-0814

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