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Intuitive, intellectual and passionate. Anyone who knows him, knows that he is not one to shun away from words. Passionate for higher ground, when he is not on the air he enjoy being in the air. Peeyush has a Bachelor in Technology and a post Graduate Degree in Management.

Fun Scrapbook

  • In 3 words I am ?

    What I am.

  • I belong to.... ?

    My very few.

  • I believe in...?

    Aim small miss small.

  • I love...?

    To love.

  • I love...?

    In the air.

  • My all-time favorite Bollywood/Hollywood movie is...?


  • I always sing...?

    From my heart, Dil se.

  • I am passionate about...?

    Being more.

  • My aim in life is to...?

    Give more than I get.

  • If I ever had a biopic made, my character will be played by?

    Farhan Akhtar.