RAAT BAAKI BAAT BAKI Midnight special with romantic thoughts enhanced with love songs

Fun Scrapbook

In 3 words I am ?
a curious artist
I belong to.... ?
one universe
I believe in...?
life-long learning
I love...?
my awesome listeners
When I am not on air I am...?
thinking about my next show
My all-time favorite Bollywood/Hollywood movie is...?
Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro
I always sing...?
Give me some sunshine. Give me some rain. Give me another chance, I wanaa grow up once again
I am passionate about...?
acting, mimicry, writing, reading, dancing, talking to you all, and learning new things
My aim in life is to...?
live in the moment
If I ever had a biopic made, my character will be played by?
Jamie Lever (we both have curly hair and we both love mimicry)