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HIT HAI TO BAJE GA A daily dose of upbeat and peppy Bollywood hits

Fun Scrapbook

  • In 3 words I am ?

    An Artist, A writer and a fashion desginer

  • I belong to.... ?

    The Universe

  • I believe in...?

    Living life to the fullest. Believe in the power of the law of attraction and positivity.

  • I love...?

    Life, music, a good laugh and engaging my listeners.

  • I love...?

    having fun with family of friends.

  • My all-time favorite Bollywood/Hollywood movie is...?

    Zindagi na Milegi Dobara /Sixth Sense

  • I always sing...?

    Do Lafzo ki hai dil ki kahani /A Groovy kind of love (PhilCollins).

  • I am passionate about...?

    My radio shows & everything creative

  • My aim in life is to...?

    have one of my paintings displayed in the WhiteHouse and release a book.

  • If I ever had a biopic made, my character will be played by?

    Deepika Padukone or myself.