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Kipling Sanders

Who lives, breath and believes in sports, family and education? The brillant Kipling Sanders! Kip is your "go to" man for all things sports.His entire career has been spent in education, sports, announcing and promotions, Not only does kip have a Master of Science in Education.

Fun Scrapbook

  • In 3 words I am ?

    Passionate, Outgoing and Curious.

  • I belong to.... ?

    My family, my friends and my community.

  • I believe in...?

    Goodness of humanity.

  • I love...?

    My family, my friends and the University of Texas(Hook'em Horns!)

  • I love...?

    I am teaching high school psychology, announcing for various sports around the state and spending time with my five nieces.

  • My all-time favorite Bollywood/Hollywood movie is...?


  • I always sing...?

    In the Car.

  • I am passionate about...?

    Family, education, and sports.

  • My aim in life is to...?

    Be happy and leave a possitive mark on my community.

  • If I ever had a biopic made, my character will be played by?

    Chris Evans.