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AZEEM FANKAR A journey through the world of music from yesteryears with insight into the lives of legendry musicians

Fun Scrapbook

  • In 3 words I am ?

    honest, friendly, and helpful

  • I belong to.... ?

    my family and friends

  • I believe in...?

    making permanent friends

  • I love...?

    people who are honest

  • I love...?


  • My all-time favorite Bollywood/Hollywood movie is...?

    mughale azam

  • I always sing...?

    prabhuji meri laaj rakho

  • I am passionate about...?

    Rehu music

  • My aim in life is to...?

    Show people the right path

  • If I ever had a biopic made, my character will be played by?

    Hrithik Roshan