Yuengling’s beer arrival in Texas was celebrated at the Fort Worth Stockyard
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The long-wait is over for individuals who have lived in the east and waited for the brew of their childhood. Yuengling is here in Texas.

Yuengling's appearance in Texas was celebrated Monday at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

The well-known lager won't be fermented at the most seasoned brewery in America. It's being made in Fort Worth. In any case, it's a similar formula utilized at the 192-year-old Yuengling distillery in Pennsylvania.

Yuengling was developing toward the west and picked the Fort Worth Coors distillery to secure that extension. It is right now in 22 states on the East Coast, and Texas is the first state in quite a while "toward the west development."

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The organization's most well-known brews are presently in stores and on tap in Texas.

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