Women charged after Dead animals with no water source found at her Parker County property
ByFunAsia 21 Jul 2022 07:46 AM 94

A 31-year-old Parker County lady has to deal with creature mercilessness penalties after specialists detailed tracking down a few dead animals on her property, including a deteriorating bull.
Shamorrowia Jeanette Alexander was accused of eight counts of brutality to animal creatures and one count of mercilessness to non-domesticated animal creatures.
The Parker County Sheriff's Office reports this capture came after agents were called about an animal government assistance take a look at in the 4200 block of North Farm-to-Market Road 52.
They revealed finding a breaking down bull inside a pen, alongside a vacant roughage feeder.
A further hunt of the property drove examiners to track down different dead creatures, a few turkeys and chicken pens, and a goat in a cell with no water.
The creatures that were as yet alive were seized and are being assessed by a veterinarian.
Agents expressed that the more significant part of the creatures had no new water source, and the two water sources on the property had algae and other toxins.
The dead creatures on the property included: a sorrel horse, a peacock, two smaller than normal ponies, two emus, and a few hares. Examiners expressed that none of them had access to fresh water source.

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