Wheatland United Methodist Church to celebrate 175th anniversary this weekend
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Wheatland United Methodist Church will celebrate its 175th anniversary on Sunday.
The South Dallas church, considered the most established Methodist church west of the Trinity Stream, has seen many critical crossroads throughout the entire existence of Dallas.

"I think the glow here and individuals are so inviting, so cherishing, which is one reason we are still here," said Reverend Rosalyn Hillburn of Wheatland UMC.
Since its development in the late spring of 1847, through a staggering tempest and reproduction in 1856, the little church has endured everyday hardship.
"We need to respect and praise that as we think back, consider our past, and spotlight on our confidence for the future," she said.
Some congregation staples are as yet being utilized. Different highlights have been refreshed, yet stay with regard to the first design. Throughout the long term, participation has become more various and stays hearty, even as loving at mega places of worship has become typical for many.
"A many individuals feel a tiny bit of touch more, somewhat more warmness and closeness in a little church or love climate," said Fire up. Hillburn.

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