What you need to know about the US-Mexico border reopening
ByFunAsia 08 Nov 2021 10:09 PM 100

After nearly 20 months of COVID-19-imposed limitations, the United States will allow foreign travelers to enter the nation again on Monday, Nov. 8. Tourists and other non-essential travelers will be free to come to the country by land, air, or ferry as long as they are properly vaccinated and have the papers to do so legally.

When approaching the United States by land, air, or boat, travelers must give evidence of vaccines. According to US Customs and Immigration, proof of vaccination in the document or digital format will get acknowledged. For the time being, the United States would only allow guests who have obtained WHO-approved treatments to board flights. The World Health Organization has not authorized the Chinese Can Sino vaccines or Russia's Sputnik vaccines.

The Texas-Mexico boundary placed 2nd inland traffic between the two nations, still behind California, as per figures from the US Department of Transportation. Throughout January and August of 2021, 43.1 percent of people entering the country in a private car traveled via California, while 42.7 percent traveled via Texas. In California, 46.2 percent of pedestrians entered the country, while Texas had 37.5 percent of all border crossers.

According to Jose Iván Rodrguez, a researcher at the Baker Institute Center for the United States and Mexico, the entire US border region lost an estimated $20 billion in economic impact during nearly 20 months of the partial border closure. They have people who stopped crossing the border regularly to buy or consume goods or service

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