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United Airlines announced Face masks make COVID-19 risk on flights ‘almost non-existent’
ByHarshal 16 Oct 2020 11:10 PM 143

United Airlines recently made an announcement and said the risk of exposure to coronavirus while boarding their aircraft is "almost non-existent." Still, some experts say that their claim could be misleading.

They say that if you wear a face mask, you are safe.

Researchers used a mannequin and ran 300 aerosol release tests to replicate breathing and coughing. During each test, it was seen that more than 180 million particles were released, but the study authors said they matched the number of particles produced by coughs.

Researchers studied the particle movement within the cabin with and without a face mask. They found that "approximately 99.99% of particles were filtered out of the cabin within six minutes due to fast air circulation, downward air ventilation, and efficient filtration systems on the plane."

A spokesperson to United Airlines said, "When a passenger is seated and wearing a mask, on average only 0.003% of infected air particles could enter their breathing zone, even when every seat on the plane is occupied."

The study came as United — and other airlines — try to come out of the coronavirus pandemic's financial disaster.

The airline mentioned that their revenue dropped 78% from a year earlier. The loss was worse than what was expected.

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