TxDOT is considering removing HOV barriers on Central Expressway
ByFunAsia 17 Mar 2023 09:02 AM 9

A significant change might be coming to the HOV lanes on the North Central Expressway between Dallas and Collin regions.

The Texas Division of Transportation intends to change them to "technology lanes," permitting more drivers to utilize them.

The change influences the HOV lanes on U.S. 75 between Highway 635 in Dallas Area and the Sam Rayburn Expressway in Collin Region.

The plastic pylons there now and frequently run over by drivers would disappear. Thick white lines supplant them.

"We’ve heard loud and clear that the pylons are not very popular, and they haven’t worked well," said Tony Hartzel, a spokesman for TxDOT. "Those were intended to keep people in the lanes but allow people to get out in emergencies. But it’s become somewhat of a challenge to maintain those. And so, what we’re looking at now, the good news is motorists can get in and out of these technology lanes wherever they deem appropriate during those hours it’s available."

HOV limitations would be authorized during the morning and night busy time. However, all drivers would be permitted to go through the paths for the day.

"Twenty-two hours out of the day, any vehicle can use this lane. But during peak hours, that would be 7 to 9 a.m. southbound and 4 to 6 p.m. northbound for HOV and low-emission vehicles only," Hartzel said.

The above signs would show the data so drivers know when they can and can't utilize the paths.
The task is supposed to cost about $60 million. TxDOT's provincial and government accomplices will subsidize most of that to reuse the under-used paths.

"There’s going to be no tolls on this project at all. That’s another part of the good news," Hartzel said.

Development is supposed to start in the not-so-distant future and will be finished in stages over the following three years.

Before that occurs, TxDOT facilitates a formal review to get input from the local area and answer questions.

That meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Thursday at First Baptist Church in Richardson.

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