Twinkle Khanna: Home Responsibilities must be shared according to skill sets
ByFunAsia 19 Jul 2020 08:08 PM 286

While talking to the media, the actress-turned-author, Twinkle Khanna, talked about sharing home responsibilities. During the ongoing lockdown, she noted how beautifully her husband, actor Akshay Kumar, took charge of kitchen duties.
She said, "Men and women should share responsibilities. I feel responsibilities should not be shared according to gender. They should be shared according to skill sets. If you put someone like me in the kitchen, I would be miserable. I find cooking stressful, and it is a genuine problem,"

She further added, "But my husband and son cook. They enjoy cooking. They put on some music and come up with fabulous dishes. I am the one who is awful at cooking. I like to organize things, and I order groceries, wash utensils. Cooking is not my cup of tea. Every household should divide up chores according to people's skill sets. Gender has nothing to do with it,"
Twinkle thanked the cooking skills of Akshay and son Aarav, and she is glad that she found a silver lining during the Covid-19 pandemic.
She said, "It's a blessing. My son cooks, but I did not know he could cook so many things. Only during the lockdown, I have discovered that he knows how to make rajma and pizza from scratch. He can also make a Tiramisu dessert. We have not ordered in food even for a day because we have our own two chefs in the kitchen! So I think that has been the silver lining,"
Twinkle said: "This is something that has to extend beyond the time of crisis. And I think it will because I see in my family that my partner understands how many things were just left to me -- in terms of, let's say, my daughter Nitara's virtual classes or the house. Many people have realized that they need to step up, and I think that is going to sustain."

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