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The total number of Covid-19 cases of India surges past 4 million-mark
ByHarshal 04 Sep 2020 11:31 PM 113

On Friday, the Total number of COVID-19 cases in India surpassed the 4 million mark as the country came closer to closing the gap with Brazil, the second-most affected nation from the coronavirus.


According to the data from the Union health ministry reported earlier in that day, the Covid-19 cases were 39, 36,747. Since then, this data has surpassed 40 lakh or 4 million. The Indian government website is updating at 8 am every morning and reflecting the fresh figures so that the exact number will be available Saturday morning only.


India sees an increased number of Covid-19 cases daily. In just 24 hours ending Friday, 8 am, India confirmed 83,341 new cases. The death toll remains constant at 68,472.


More than 30 lakh Indians have recovered from the virus and made a recovery rate above 77 percent. The fatality rate has declined to 1.74 percent in the country.


According to the compiled data from the Johns Hopkins University, India is the third worst-hit nation by the ongoing pandemic after the US and Brazil in terms of the total number of cases and deaths.  

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