The city of Frisco decided to cancel Frisco Fair due to public safety concerns
ByFunAsia 02 May 2023 09:08 AM 34

The city of Frisco has decided to cancel the Frisco Fair event due to public safety concerns.

The Fair, planned to run until May 14, has been dropped, taking effect right now after 911 was called multiple times on Saturday night.

The city says 911 dispatchers got numerous calls regarding disruptive behavior, arguments, fights, and gunshots.

Frisco police later posted on Facebook that virtual entertainment posts mistakenly revealed the incidents at the fair and said that no captures were made and that there were no known gunshot victims.

On Monday, the city said 26 police officers spent 2 hours settling the complaints.

The city likewise noticed that emergency gates either didn't exist or were locked closed.

Frisco determined that based on the events on April 29 that the Fair, "would present an unreasonable danger to the health or safety of the organizer, other users of the venue, City employees or the public."

The city says anyone who pre-purchased tickets to the Fair should address a refund with the operator.

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