Texas restaurants and other businesses can now open at 75% capacity
ByFunAsia 21 Sep 2020 11:27 PM 211

According to the latest step of the governor's plan to reopen Texas, restaurants and other Texas businesses can open up to 75% capacity beginning Monday. 

Gov. Greg Abbott released an order on Thursday that said that the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations has decreased, so he can now loosen the sitting capacity to some extent.

Restaurants, office buildings, gyms, retail stores, and museums are now allowed to increase their capacity from 50 to 75%. Bars continue to remain closed.


In three parts of South Texas, the number of cases is still increasing, and the pandemic is out of control, so the limit of 50% remains unchanged.

At Terry Blacks BBQ in Deep Ellum, Robert Talamantez stated that it is a Good News for everyone. Now managers are planning to rearrange the dining room to allow more customers, keeping the tables six feet apart.

He said, "For some venues, that does present a problem. For us, we are a little large, so that we can take advantage of that. Once we can get that down to a smaller amount, we'll be able to utilize more capacity here at our restaurant."

Talamantez added that they were forced to lay off most of their staff members during the shutdown. Hopefully, they would bring some people back now to serve more customers.

He said, "We hope this gives guests, customers out there the confidence. We are taking every precaution to make sure their safety is our highest priority, and hopefully, that will influence them to come out and join us."

Gov. Abbott clarified that he came up with this decision after seeing the decreasing number of COVID-19 hospitalizations. But if that number goes up again, he may apply restrictions also.

Masks are still compulsory across the state.

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