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Texas Motor Speedway vaccine hub to administer 31,000 doses this week
ByHarshal 02 Feb 2021 07:45 AM 18

Denton County health leaders are planning to vaccinate more people in one day on Tuesday than most area sites do in a week.

The vaccination hub at Texas Motor Speedway will open at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

This week, Denton County health leaders expect to administer around 31,000 coronavirus vaccinations.

Denton County Health Director Dr. Matt Richardson said TMS is the best choice for the mega vaccination hub. The site can handle thousands of vehicles at any given time. He stresses vaccinations are by appointment only and QR codes cannot be shared with others.

He said, "We've got that all mapped out. It's very technical, but we feel good about it."

"It's pretty hectic out here right now. They're setting up big tents for drive-thrus."

TMS President Eddie Gossage offered up his venue and expertise and said, “We have one the biggest parking lots in the world, and we've got a lot of pavement."

"So we're able to set up 16 lanes."

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