Texas lawmakers passed Senate Bill 6, changing the bail system
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This week Texas lawmakers passed Senate Bill 6, otherwise called the Damon Allen Act, to require those blamed for savage wrongdoings to pay security before escaping prison.

Before the bill's entry, a few courts had delivered individuals blamed for violations on close-to-home securities that didn't need cash.

"That is to say, it's the solution to our petitions," said Melanie Infinger, who has been battling for the enactment since her little girl Caitlynne Guajardo was killed in 2019.

"Bail change is critical to me, since it at last expense my little girl her life, my girl and my unborn grandkid who she was pregnant with at that point," Infinger said.

Specialists said Caitlynne's significant other, Alex Guajardo, cut her and her unborn child to death at their Pasadena loft. Infinger noted only days before Caitlynne was killed, Alex was brought to prison for the attack.

"We truly believed the framework and that they planned to keep him in there. Since I mean, is there any good reason why they wouldn't? Since he has this terrible criminal history, and he is a threat to society. He had beat her up; he had killed their feline," Infinger said.

Caitlynne had gotten back to her condo, trusting her significant other would remain secured until his preliminary. "His family wasn't going to bond him out. They were going to cause him to sit in there, and nobody was going to bond him out," said Infinger.

It wasn't until after Caitlynne's passing that her mom gained from police Alex had been delivered from prison on close-to-home securities, which means he didn't provide any cash.

"I was furious, and I was frantic, and I needed to know who sane would have let out Alex. Who sane would have let out such a beast?" Infinger said.

Infinger transformed her resentment right into it, approaching state officials to change the bail framework so those blamed for fierce wrongdoings couldn't be delivered without posting bond.

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