Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says there are no plans for further shutdown of Texas.
ByFunAsia 17 Jul 2020 05:51 PM 247

Greg Abbott says that there are no plans for the further shutdown of Texas.
Abbott talked to media and said, despite the ongoing increase in COVID-19 cases, officers are not planning to close businesses further.
He said, "I get this question, it seems like, a thousand times a day. People are panicking, thinking I'm about to shut down Texas again. The answer is no," 

Abbott further added that face-coverings or masks should slow down the coronavirus spread and reduce the number of cases. 
He said in his statement, "If everyone can adopt the practice of wearing a face mask for the next four weeks, we will be able to get COVID-19 under control," 
Abbott ordered the most state to wear masks, despite so many restrictions in place, the state again set a new high with nearly 10,800 new cases, along with a record 110 deaths.
He said, "If we were to shut down for two weeks, as some people are asking, once we open back up you would then see things begin to spread again," "Until there are medications to slow the spread of the coronavirus, there is only one thing that can slow the spread and that is by people adopting the use of wearing a face guard of some sort whenever they go out."

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