Telugu woman's Desi Favors is reshaping Indians' lives in USA
ByFunAsia 13 Oct 2021 01:25 AM 232

Shilpi Reddy is a business visionary born in Hyderabad with a dream to make Non-Residents Indians' lives in the US and different nations outside India simpler. Having lived in the US for more than 10 years, she has seen the hustle of Indian families while commending their occasions. Be it house warming, baby showers, birthday events…. with an imaginative brain and a tremendous enthusiasm to ease life as a general rule; she began Desi Favors.

Desi Favors, a customary Indian gifting site as a business, began in 2017 and has consistently turned into an industry top pick across the Indian people group in the USA. The brand flourishes by bringing party things and gift thoughts that are at their best in Indian customs and societies.

They offer a line of everyday shola wood material things that look and feel the same as genuine blossoms, and the best is that these are eco-friendly. They additionally give return gifts and gift boxes for different Indian celebrations, parties, conventional occasions, and other family and business-related festivities. Their tweaked Diwali gift hampers have become a top pick among the corporate organizations that give themed gifts to celebrate and recognize an ethnically diverse work environment and labor force.

Desi Favors hopes to pay the generosity forward by sourcing additional materials from other little and distant towns in nations like India. Desi Favors has as of late ventured into the Australian market with their inauguration in July. Over a gift shop, Desi Favors is a way of praising variety, culture, and customs.

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