Tarrant County to help renters get federal assistance who need it
ByFunAsia 21 Nov 2020 09:36 AM 31

A December deadline is coming closer for renters to get federal assistance.

A Tarrant County employee has come forward to help people who may not know where to go or ask for help.


Renter Christin White said, “I woke up this morning literally to an email saying, hey, if you need assistance, you need help come on down to the office.”

Tenants like White face problems due to COVID-19 and are now closer to CARES Act funding to help out.

Valerie Alvarez, Tarrant County, said, “I would call landlords and say hey instead of evicting, why don’t you let us pay the rents, we could pay back rent, and people can move forward.”

According to her, so many online applications were getting rejected and she pushed for a “boots on the ground” approach at complexes like the Presslee Apartment Community in Arlington. She added, “On a really good day with a lot of tenants, we can help 35, 40 folks get to where they can move onto the next step, and that’s a pretty good amount.”

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