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Tarrant County: Second COVID-19 vaccine center opens in Hurst
ByHarshal 13 Jan 2021 08:24 AM 71

A second COVID-19 vaccine site sponsored by Tarrant County Public Health opened Tuesday in Hurst.

Tarrant County's health director expects that this site will administer 2,000 vaccinations per day.

More than 300 people were vaccinated in just a few hours Tuesday, but the county expects the number to rise to 2,000 people a day at the newest vaccination site.

A sigh of relief for Beth Cunningham and her family as she and her mother were some of the first to get the COVID-19 vaccine at Tarrant County’s newest vaccination site at the Hurst Conference Center.

Cunningham said, "I’m an elderly caregiver". "I’m her daughter and I have another elderly woman I care for."

Each person coming to get the shot had their own reasons.

Kandice Crumpler said, "I’m also a senior, and I’ve got type 1 diabetes that I’ve had for 44 years."

Patty Weaver said, "I have underlying health conditions, so it just seemed like the right thing for me to do,"

"I’m also a kids’ minister, so I’m with a lot of people all the time."

There are more than 280,000 people on the county’s waitlist who are waiting to get the vaccine to protect themselves and their loved ones against the virus.

Online appointments have helped ease long lines other sites in the county have experienced.

Residents are requested to register online with Tarrant County Public Health and get an appointment before showing up to a vaccination site.

County public health officials say too many people showing up well before their appointment times caused the backups.

The county will open up three community vaccination sites in Bedford, Fort Worth, and Lake Worth in an effort to vaccinate another 7,000 people.

The Hurst Conference Center will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for vaccinations, but you must register with the county and get an appointment before showing up.

Everyone who is vaccinated by the county will be reminded in 28 days to come back for their second.

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