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Tarrant County judge wants to reward people with $50 to get vaccinated
ByHarshal 04 May 2021 09:10 AM 16

We are currently at a point where vaccine supply is higher than request.

North Texas authorities are investigating approaches to persuade more individuals to get vaccinated, including potential motivating forces.

Four months into the immunization rollout, just shy of 35% of Tarrant area occupants 16 and over have been thoroughly vaccinated. That is not even close to the 60-70% required for projected crowd invulnerability.

Tarrant County Judge Glen Whitley drifted the thought a week ago of offering cash as an award for getting vaccinated.

"I truly believe we're at a highlight where individuals are saying perhaps I don't have to go get it," he said. "Well, on the off chance that someone was offering them a $50 reward, perhaps they'd appear."

Whitley is hoping to states and urban areas the nation over with comparable thoughts.

"We've heard West Virginia referenced that they were going to do it with investment funds securities," he said.

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice declared a week ago the state will offer $100 reserve funds attach to individuals somewhere in the range of 16 and 35 who decide to get immunized and the individuals who now have.

The city of Detroit is offering $50 prepaid gift vouchers to individuals who give others a ride to immunization locales. State and government dollars will support both.

"We have reserves rolling in from the American Rescue Plan, and I believe that is the thing that we would have used to pay for it," Whitley said.

However, Whitley says Tarrant County District Attorney Sharen Wilson exhorted him that government law precludes trading any sort of payoff, payoff, or refund as a trade-off for an individual accepting help under an administrative medical services program.

Set forth plainly, giving out $50 notes is off the table. However, Whitley is wanting to track down another option.

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