Tanushree Dutta is back to Mumbai and is all set to start working again
ByFunAsia 25 Sep 2020 09:42 PM 244

Tanushree Dutta is all set to start working again in Bollywood as the actress return to Mumbai after almost seven months. She was in New Jersey in the US, and she took the opportunity to come back to her family during the pandemic. The actress is home now and said, "The US's journey was comfortable, yet I was cautious because of the pandemic. I could barely contain my excitement because I was returning after almost six to seven months abroad. I was missing home this time. I love being out here as Mumbai is where my family resides, too. Also, I was in touch with film Industry friends who kept asking me to return soon and get back to movies."


According to her, she followed all the safety restrictions for any traveler.She said, "Yep, I had first to quarantine after I returned. But later, I was pleased to meet my family and share a meal with them. I thought of them a lot over this time and was so worried about them." She missed home food. Initially, she was in quarantine at a hotel near the airport, so she ate salad and some other basic stuff. After that, her sister and mom made aloo paratha and fried fish for her, which she took a tiny bite because of her diet.


 She further added, 'The pandemic and lockdown made me grateful for being alive.'


She also said that she has started reconnecting with film industry folks, old colleagues, and acquaintances from the film fraternity who are her well-wishers and would love to work with her in the future. 

She added, the pandemic nudged to get back to films. She lost 15 kgs and is getting screen ready again. 

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