Supply and labor shortages have impacted firms in North Texas.
ByFunAsia 13 Oct 2021 11:55 PM 150

President Joe Biden will meet with legislators and issue an executive order to address the persistent supply chain disruptions that have resulted in product shortages and higher costs for everything from vehicles to groceries.

Since the epidemic, spending and demand have skyrocketed. The labor shortages and other challenges make it harder to get the commodities they need.

Mike Johnson, a Dallas-based chef, was thriving in a pre-pandemic environment cooking meals for private enterprises. "We were averaging 110 meals every week," she revealed. However, Johnson has had difficulty finding both food and equipment for her business in recent months. "Prices have risen dramatically since the products are scarce and in high demand," she explained.

Johnson gets now forced to discontinue meal prep services at Chef Mimi LLC, claiming that she has spent more time looking for products and less time making a profit. "I used to be able to buy a pack of salmon for around $8. That same pack of salmon will now cost $17, $18, or $19. And, as a result of the price increases and shortages, shipping and delivery of goods have hit on a national scale. Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, addressed the issue on Tuesday afternoon.

New numbers released by the Department of Labor on Tuesday reveal a substantial increase in the number of people leaving their jobs, particularly in the retail, food service, transportation, and delivery industries. August's data is the most recent.

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