Sunday's storms, possible tornado causes major damage in Dallas County
ByFunAsia 17 May 2021 11:24 AM 67

Another storm may have hit a family in North Dallas already trying to recover from a tornado in 2019.

The wind ripped the rooftop off the home on Northaven Road when the storm hit soon after 2 p.m. Sunday.

The couple who lives there had recently rebuilt it since the EF-3 cyclone harmed it in north Dallas in 2019. They moved back in October.

Keith and Cherie Hart said they heard alarms and hid in a powder restroom. Shockingly, it's a circumstance they are generally very acquainted with.

"My ears began popping, and it wasn't just about as uproarious as the twister before the EF-3, yet you heard the breeze, and it got directly off," Cherie reviewed. "It's truly troublesome. I need some harmony and calm and leave somewhere right now unafraid because, at the present time, I'm living in a ton of dread."

The home currently has enormous harm. Its roof is collapsed, and there's water harm all over the place.

The Harts said they later sold the home and wanted to move to Flower Mound for two or three weeks.

They had family over Sunday morning and said they are simply happy the grandkids weren't there when the storms came through, and nobody was harmed.

"We are alright. We are acceptable. I need to continue to disclose to myself we are OK. We are alright. However, no one ought to need to go through this twice," Cherie said.

The National Weather Service said a review group would be conveyed Monday morning to decide if any of the harm was brought about by a cyclone.

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