Storms bring heavy rain, strong winds head to North Texas
ByFunAsia 05 Sep 2022 09:26 AM 26

Storms carried heavy rainfall and solid breezes to parts of North Texas, causing a few flooding issues and blackouts Sunday.
Starting around 10 p.m. Sunday, around 90,000 North Texans are still influenced by blackouts, as indicated by Oncor's blackout map.
Tiffany householder observed high breezes bring down a development project in Old East Dallas.
"A big part of it descended, the main portion of it," Householder reviewed. "Then, we were staying here attempting to sort out what to do, and afterward, the situation recently fell."
There was a development breakdown in Old East Dallas because of the solid breezes from the storms.
There were likewise brought down trees and electrical cables across the Metroplex.
Close to Highland Park, trees snapped into equal parts. One was evacuated and arrived on top of a vehicle.
Notwithstanding solid breezes, a few roads in Dallas managed flooding issues from the weighty rainfall.
Vehicles were caught in high waters, driving drivers down close to SMU's grounds.

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